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Country Homes and Interiors

"Helen Petrucci Made these splendid curtains and bed spread using a Monkwell fabric added with braid for a luxurious note"

Homes and Interiors

"Clare was confident of the help of Interior Designer Helen Petrucci who she had worked with on several of her previous homes. It is undoubtedly a compliment to both client and designer that their ability to work well together has resulted in a house that looks like a home"

Concept for Living

"With thanks to Helen Petrucci of Petrucci interior Design who without, home owner Maria and George would never have found their dream home"

25 beautiful Homes

"I love the way Helen made the unusual features of the house stand out with stunning window dressings and imaginative use of wallpaper"

Manchester Evening news

Helen is lovely to work with because she's an absolute perfectionist, everything she does has to be spot on. even the most minute details, she’s so easy to talk to and doesn’t force her ideas on to you which makes the whole process really pleasurable. Helens biggest challenge will be to curtain these gothic arches I've absolutely no idea how we will go about this because they are so high but I’ve every confidence that Helen will find a way of doing it she always does."

Real Homes magazines

"I love the challenge of Interior design and I usually know what I want to achieve and Helen helps me to get there. We’re so in tune that most of the time Helen suggests something and I will immediately agree.”